Where prosperous and healthy life is represented, Korea McNULTY is.

Based on the strategic business plan of Korea McNULTY Co., Ltd. the pharmaceutical business division launched in July 2006, took its origin from the food business, just the opposite of what other enterprises are doing as it is often the case of expanding from pharmaceutical business to the food business.

Korea McNULTY Co., Ltd. started from coffee and drinks founded on human hearts and minds and expanded its business toward producing medicines with which to actually cure people&http://cafemcnulty.co.kr/8217;s diseases. This corresponds with Asian thinking of ‘mind first, body second&http://cafemcnulty.co.kr/8217;. What counts as a genuine cure would be caressing people&http://cafemcnulty.co.kr/8217;s hearts while helping them to attain a healthy body.

The pharmaceutical division of Korea McNULTY Co., Ltd. will do our best to create products that are good for both mind and body.


Attracts attention from the pharmaceutical industry by producing Modified Release Drugs by timed-release technology.

Our company acquired a patent for timed-release anti-allergy medicines and is producing the only single pellet-based anti-allergy medicine complexes in Korea and the excellence of its medical effects and timed release technology has been recognized and supplied to renowned pharmaceutical companies in Korea as an OEM basis.

In addition, we not only have facilities for the aforementioned tablets and pellets but also for traditional Chinese medicines so we can produce traditional Chinese medicines without problems.

The pharmaceutical division of Korea McNULTY Co., Ltd. is currently pouring generous investments into R&D and GMP facilities so as to produce differentiated products from those manufactured by existing domestic pharmaceutical companies and will do our best efforts to become a professional R&D pharmaceutical enterprise that researches and develops specialized products with state-of-the-art technologies rather than mass-producing copied products.


- Patent No. 10-0602235-0000 (Jul.10, 2006)
- Pharmaceutical composites with release-control capacity (Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and Cetirizine)


We carry out commissioned manufacturing as we are equipped with capsule, tablet, pill, and liquid lines.
Our thorough quality management and hygienic production facility make us trustworthy commissioned manufacturers for many companies and we will do our best to maintain a higher quality than our own for commissioned goods.
Also we would like to state our appreciation of those who requested commissioned products from us.