Our promise to you is that we will be reborn as an indispensable company in the very near future. Our enterprise will not settle for the present but strive to maximize value for our customers. Furthermore, we continuously make endeavors to usher in a new culture. Korea McNULTY, a protector of Korean coffee culture’s pride with a spirit of challenge and aspiration.
Looking back over the past decade, there have been hectic times, but we never let slip for a moment our audacious, venturesome mindset throughout our first operations in coffee manufacturing facilities, launch into distribution markets, strategic alliance with Dongwon F&B regarding product sales, opening of take-out stores in Korea and China, establishment of food research institutes, launch of pharmaceutical business, and so on.
In the midst of this fierce economic situation, we enjoy rapid annual growth based on product quality and pride and do our utmost in establishing a new coffee culture in Korea where very few people relish fresh coffee from coffee beans. In particular, we have been recognized as a venture enterprise for the first time in the industry and were selected as an InnoBiz enterprise in 2006.
In addition, we continue to grow based on our ceaseless drive in research, and investment as is evident in our appointment as a promising SME, acquisition of a patent in coffee bean production, and the first Good Design award in coffee products. With the advent of an era of limitless competition, we are now facing a new economic environment in which we must preempt blue ocean. Based on accumulated core technologies and competitiveness, Korea McNULTY is expanding its market basis into the world market such as China, Saudi Arabia and firmly consolidating its basis. Furthermore, it will secure its bridgehead towards becoming a global cultural leader.
Now we have done everything to lead a new culture in Korea. Based on an innovative conception, customer-oriented thinking, and world-class competitiveness, we head towards becoming a leader in the coffee market.
We promise you that we will be reborn as an indispensable company during this era. Thank you.